Presentations and Authors

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Keynote Speakers

Eliminating Poverty by 2030: Can It Be Done? Can and Should We Help
Dr. Jonathan Haughton
Cities, Sustainability and Economic Growth
Dr. Janice Griffith
Business Education in Bangladesh and the Role of Private Universities for Achieving the SDG
Dr. Syed Saad Andaleeb
The Future Of Higher Education in Developing Countries and Sustainable Educational Goals
Dr. Mawdudur Rahman

Plenary Sessions

Social Business and SDGs: Need for Structural Facilitation
C Gopinath

Economic development Issues

Raymond Rahaj Adegboyega
Enhancing Socioeconomic Improvement in Rural Bangladesh: Factors Affecting Advancement Towards SGDs
M Rabiul Islam
How Tourism Can Help Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh
Ayateena Ali, Sakib Bin Amin, Farhana Shahnaz
Activation of Sense of Urgency through Organizational Knowledge Creation in Agricultural Reform – A Case Study in Iijima Town, Japan
Khan Md. Tariqul Alam

Health issues

Review on measures of effective dairy herd health management for safe milk production in Bangladesh
Md. Salah Uddin, Md. Emdadul Haque, Mahmuda Sultana Shumi


Education for Sustainable Development as a Medium for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Muhammad Rehan Dastagir
Rajib Lochan Das
Dealing with Tertiary Level Student’s Common Errors in Academic Writing to Ensure the UN 2030 Goal of Quality Education
Bilkis Fahmida, Hasanuzzaman Tushar
Higher Education: National Vs International exposure to expand knowledge: A Study on the university students of Bangladesh.
Laila Habib
Initiation of Native Language in Current Education Policy: A Study on the Response of the Indigenous People of Bangladesh
Farjana Hossain, Md. Habeeb Faruk Khan

Gender issues

Women participation in traditional shifting cultivation of Bangladesh
Pinu Chakma, Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Md. Hashmi Sakib, Arif Reza
Fostering Sustainable Career Development of Women in Developing Countries: Current Issues and Challenges
Hasanuzzaman Tushar, Dr. Agata Stepien
Participation of Female workers in RMG Bangladesh
Shaikh Sabbir Ahmed Waliullah, Dost Md. Samsuzzaman

Environmental Issues

Green Economy and Sustainable Development
Chandan Kumar Sarkar
Altering Expression of Regulatory Genes for Enhancing Yields and Stress Tolerance in Rice
Tasmia Islam, Sudip Biswas, Sabrina M. Elias, Sarah Sarker, Nurnabi A. Jewel, Zeba I. Seraj
A Comparative Study about Awareness of the “Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7: Affordable and Clean Energy” Between the Undergraduate Students of Bangladesh
Tausif Ali
Environmental Volunteering: An Effective Tool for Implementing Education for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh
Selina Nargis, Muhammad Rehan Dastagir, Arif Reza, Mohammed Ataur Rahman
Barriers to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh
Arif Reza, Mohammad Mofasserul Islam, Md. Jobayer, Mohammed Ataur Rahman
Physicochemical and Microbiological Assessment of Drinking Water of Different Restaurants of Mymensingh Sadar in Bangladesh
MD AZHARUL ISLAM, Ummay Habiba, MD Aslam ALI
Clean Air, Health and Wellbeing: The Case of Environmental Valuation in India
Chirodip Majumdar
Identification of Hazardous Road Locations and Black Spots: Case Study
Sharmin Nasrin, Sazzad Hossain, Anik Deb, Sandip Saha
Vulnerability Analysis for Sustainable Development against Flood Hazard and Relief Distribution: A Case Study of 2017 Flood of Bangladesh
Md Monirul Islam, Mahfuzur Rahman, Nahidul Islam
Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria enhance the growth of tomato plants
Farjana Sultana, Farjana Sultana, Sultana Akter, Md Motaher Hossain
Scopes and Challenges of Hydro-Climatic Condition in Bangladesh: A Review Considering Natural Variability and Future Changes
AFM Kamal Chowdhury, Arif Reza, Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, Md. Monirul Islam, Khwaja Muhammed Sultanul Aziz
Assessing the Effects of Manual Traffic Control on Vehicular Emissions at an Isolated Intersection of Dhaka City
Md. Hishamur Rahman
Application of UASB and Bio-filtration Process for Denim Wastewater Treatment in Bangladesh
Md Shohidullah Miah

Technolgy and Innovation

Impact of technology for sustainable development in drought-prone environment in Bangladesh
Md Abdul Jabber
Promoting Automation in Bangladesh through a model of IT Leader
Mohammad Khalequzzaman
A New Topology of High Performance Single Phase AC-DC Boost Converter with PFC Controller
khadiza akter bonna
3-Phase Star Delta Starter Motor Control Board with Inverter
Sairatun Nesa Soheli
Effect of ideal charging algorithm for electric vehicles in decreasing peak load demand in customer site
Firuz Ahamed Nahid, Dr. Bishwajit Saha
HADOOP Cluster Distribution Engine (HCDE): The NameNode failover Solution with data traffic control and balancing load between DataNodes.
Alamgir Bhuyan
Moving Towards Green Computing in Today's Digital World
Safwana Haque, Rubina Akter
E-educational system: An environment friendly single unified console to create all time available, interactive and transparent educational environment
Mohadab Chandra Bormon, mohadab chandra bormon

Sustainability Issue

Sustainable Development towards Zero poverty and peaceful Community
sadia Iffat Haque
Importance of Landscape Management in Bangladesh
Sowmen Rahman, Selina Nargis, Mohammed Ataur Rahman
Identification of Hazardous Road Locations and Black Spots: Case Study Dhaka-Chittagong- Teknaf Highway (N1)
Sharmin Nasrin
A Review on Advanced Resource Recovery Options from Wastewater
Mohammad Abu Hashnat Badsha
Towards Zero Hunger: A Strategic Approach On Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 in Bangladesh
Mujibur Rahman Khan
Feasibility of Wind Power for St. Martin’s Island of Bangladesh
Md Abdul Karim, Md. Raisul Karim, A.Z.A. Saifullah
Energy Efficiency and SDG’s in Bangladesh Economy
Ayateena Ali, Sakib Bin Amin, Faria Tahmeen
Sustainable Supply Chain Management practices and challenges of Agribusiness in Bangladesh
zahir salim
Towards Zero Hunger: A Strategic Approach On Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 in Bangladesh
Mujibur Rahman Khan
Sustainable Development of Solar Energy Based Electric Power for Mass Consumption in Bangladesh: Progress and Constraints
Muammer Din Arif
Start-up Sustainability: An investigation of e-SERVQUAL dimensions on customer retention for social media based small businesses.
Arshadina Umara Najib

Globalization and collaboration

Using Indigenous Knowledge to Respond to Globalization, and to Counter Western Knowledge Dominance in Africa
Geoffrey I. Nwaka
Applied Research: A key for enhancing University Industry Collaboration
Abdul Wadud
Tourism in Kuakata: A Curbed Rareness in Global Village
Mohammad Abu Horaira

Finance and Accounting

Capital Budgeting Techniques: An Explorative Study on Islamic Banks of Bangladesh
Alamgir Hossain
Scenario of Higher Education Financing in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects for Sustainable Development and Global Challenges
M A Mannan
An Alternative CSR Initiative to Appendage Social Business Model
Mohammad Rokibul Kabir
Does Good Governance Make the Companies More Socially Responsible?
Mohammad Rokibul Kabir
Impact Of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code on Insolvency Resolution in India
Manindra N. Nayak

Management and Strategy

Policy —the Most Important Tool for Solid Organizational Fabric
Lutfar Rahman
Strategic Implications of the Market Share-Profitability Relationship
Mirza Ahsanul Hossain
Identifying factors of employee and work environment betterment – A Study on workers “demand vs fulfillment”, of food and beverage sector in Bangladesh
Jamee Ahmad
Impact of work environment on part-time employee satisfaction of international fast food chains in Dhaka
Madhobi Hossain, Jamee Ahmad
Effect of Expectancy Theory on the Job Performance: An Empirical Study on Banking Industry in Bangladesh
Farhana Afroz
Policy Advocacy Agenda for Decent Work and Knowledge Gap on Industry Data: The Case of RMG Industry in Bangladesh
Parveen Sultana Huda, Sadril Shajahan
A Critical Perspective on Human Capital Theory: Implication for National HRD
Hasanuzzaman Tushar, Md Abdus Salam, Mst. Shumshunnahar
Impact of Internal Communication in Organizational Development
Faquir Mohammad Ishtiaque

Macro and Micro Economic Analysis

Relationship between Insurance and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis.
Alamgir Hossain

Social and cultural issues

Muhammod Sakar Mahmod
Revisiting the Children in the Coral Island: Cruelty and Perversity Represented in the Children of William Golding‘s LORD of the FLIES
Aminur Rashid
Metamorphosis of Sustainable Development Goals: A Kafkaesque Perspective
Md. Kawsar Uddin
Problems and prospects of achieving sustainable development goals for Bangladesh. A literature review.
Kazi Khaled Shams Chisty
Metamorphosis of Sustainable Development Goals: A Kafkaesque Perspective
Md. Kawsar Uddin
Media and Body Image: Dissatisfaction and Anxiety among Young Men
Md. Kawsar Uddin
eBusiness Profitability and Global market- Evidence from case studies
syeda ajanta israt